Piddles Piddles is a purple cat given to Gruntilda by LOG to make up for giving Kazooie a magic wrench.

Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and BoltsEdit

Piddles first appeared in Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. She was given to Gruntilda by LOG to make up for the fact that he had given Kazooie a magic wrench. Gruntilda, angered by LOGs gift, kicked Piddles into the air. Piddles, angered by her abuse, bit Gruntilda on her helmet, and she ran off. Even though the 2 had through that experience, Piddles seems to be quite loyal to Gruntilda. In all of the worlds, Piddles is seen standing next to Gruntilda. If hit, she will growl at Banjo. In Nutty Acres Piddles was supposed to have raced Trophy Thomas, but his vehicle needed repairs. Instead, she was raced by Banjo and Kazooie. In the LOGBOX 720, Banjo and Kazooie had to stop Piddles and Gruntilda before the 2 shut down the LOGBOX for good. In Spiral Mountain, Piddles helped Gruntilda by shooting at Banjo and Kazooie with an Egg Turret. In the final cutscene, Piddles is seen talking to Gruntilda, bossing her around to move LOG's equipment in LOGs Video Game Factory.

Piddles most likely came from the idea that Halloween witches hat pet cats.


After L.O.G. sends Gruntilda and Piddles to his factory, Piddles can still be seen in the scene where L.O.G. gives Banjo the deed to Spiral Mountain and Kazooie's moves, and is seen again in the factory.

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