Mecha-Grunty is a robot created by Klungo after Gruntilda was trapped under a boulder. She only appears in Banjo-Kazooie Grunty's Revenge. Gruntilda's soul was transported to the Mecha-Grunty while her body stays underneath the boulder.

Mecha-Grunty had taken Kazooie captive and then went back through time in an attempt to prevent the two from ever meeting. Fortunately, Banjo chased after Mecha-Grunty in order to save Kazooie.

After She is defeated, her soul returns to her regular body, being trapped under the boulder once more.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Is able to project a forcefield

Able to shoot electric bolts and homing bolts at enemies

Can fly for a limited time

Has powerful armor

Has great strength

Can cast illusions and shoot magic bolts at enemies

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